It's Guitar: The Inaugural Post

When you’re first starting your music career, you probably won’t have a path. You won’t exactly know the road ahead and you won’t know the time, stress, heartache and overwhelming joy and personal fulfillment that all potentially lay ahead.

That's why my main goal is to help you on your own journey. Maybe you can be inspired by my successes and learn from my failures. I want to help you not only develop your musical skills, but I want to help you set goals and develop a plan so you can try to fulfill your potential.

Good thing we are all gifted with enough time to accomplish everything we want to in life.

Before we begin, there are four pieces of advice that I have for any young or old guitarist that will help you on your way.


  1. Dive In

    Explore everything. Find your niche. Discover new things that you didn’t know existed before. In the end, it will only help your chances of success and add to your bag of tricks.

  2. Never stop learning

    If you aren't learning something new, you aren't fulfilling your potential. You should be learning as much about as many things as you can possibly manage.

  3. Stretch yourself thin

    Study. Skip sleep. Learn, Practice, Refine and Execute.

    Seek out and find the topics that most interest you. Try to become a professional or at least semi-professional producer, songwriter, marketing manager, social media manager, teacher, tax expert, recording tech, gear tech, repair tech, video editor, web designer, networker, business manager, blogger, and booking agent.

    Oh and don’t forget that whole performing thing if that's your bag! Learn what it really takes to put on a professional performance. Study others that are doing it better than you.

  4. Put Everything in Perspective

    I am not trying to tell you to be all things to everyone, but it’s a competitive business and an even more competitive world. Everything you learn makes you a more valuable asset and brings you one step closer to your dreams.

    Having a diverse skill set will also enhance your ability to assemble a good team and make good music and music business decisions down the line when you are outsourcing work and expanding your network.


Welcome to itsguitardotcom!

It is with all of these thoughts in mind that I introduce, a site dedicated to the under-addressed and under-stressed topics that are important to your development as a professional guitarist and a good music business person.


I assure you that I am busy every day working to add useful, informative information to the site so that you have access to high-quality, free guitar lessons and useful career advice. 


Best Regards,

Justin Jon

Founder, ItsGuitarDotCom

Founder, Total Music Marketing, Ltd.