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10 Tips for More Effective Guitar Practice Sessions

The most important thing that anyone aspiring to improve (at anything in life) needs to realize is that it takes work. Usually, it takes a lot of work. It can be a lot of fun work, but boy does it take a lot of work and time. If you take shortcuts, you will always end up with lesser results that you originally imagined. Do yourself a favor and commit to doing the work. 

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Transcription: Old Folks, Wes Montgomery, as performed on the album "Old Folks"

Wes really knew how to develop an idea and say something. His signature right-hand thumb technique was a product of trying to be quiet while practicing at home. In following solo transcription of “Old Folks,” you will find great examples of use of the Melodic Minor (aka Jazz Minor) scale and octaves as he develops the solo in a fashion that is very much indicative of his mastery of the guitar.

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