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A New Flair: A Brief History of Bossa Nova

Bossa Nova was a new way of thinking. It was a new way of making music. Compositions such as “Chega de Saudade,” “Desafinado,” “Samba de Uma Nota Só,” and of course “Garôta de Ipanema” reflect this period perfectly with their lyrics that speak of the sea, sun, nightclubs, and women. Like most musical styles, bossa’s prominence was brief (1956-1965). The style branched out and influenced many other musical styles from avante-garde to pop music. Although the bossa nova movement lost its strength in the 1960s, the impression it made on music was everlasting.

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How Fernando Sor Helped to Elevate the Guitar's Role in the Music Community

Although the guitar’s origin dates back over 3000 years, its status as a serious musical instrument was questioned by the vast majority of studious musicians for centuries. It was not until the mid-nineteenth century that the guitar’s role as a concert instrument started to rise. Respectable compositions for the instrument were sparse.

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