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Personal Traits for the Aspiring Pro Guitarist

What do I mean by “Pro Guitarist?”

I mean you can sit in on any musical setting and feel comfortable and confident. You have professional gear. You know about the history of the guitar and of music in general. You don’t have a problem sight-reading sheet music and transposing songs for singers on the fly. You are ready for when things go wrong with your gear or with others’ gear at gigs. You show up early, knowing the music, dressed well and ready to play. After the gig, you stay late, shake hands and network. Then, you go home, take care of your gear and get to bed so you can wake up early and work on your music career. You follow through with your clients and crew to make sure everything went smoothly. All the while, you take care of yourself and your family. When it comes to finances, you have your ducks in a row. If someone calls you for a gig in an hour, you're ready to grab your ax and get to the venue looking good and ready to play.

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